Joshua Gershenson


Public Relations Representative, Peer Reviewer, and Writer

Class of 2023

Josh is a junior majoring in Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience and Professional Writing minor on the pre-medical track. He loves shadowing physicians to learn the intricacies of under-appreciated practices and relay their complexity into writing. He has a strong determination to not only be able to perform the miracles of modern medicine, but to make them accessible to the vast majority of the population through entertaining and informative articles and research. He is also interested in writing about biases based on race and gender, as well as social injustice. In his free time, Josh manages and designs for a streetwear brand, writes poetry, and enjoys hiking and surfing. 


Religion vs Research: Alternative Benefits of Eating Kosher

by Joshua Gershenson, November 12, 2021 Living in the 21st century allows us, as consumers, an extreme abundance of choice. We can choose from tens of different phones, hundreds of cars, thousands of different residences, and even millions of different hues of paint for them. The freedom of diet, for instance, leads to obscure dietary…

Fast Cars, Fast Women: A Societal Analysis

by Josh Gershenson, April 18, 2021 The advertisement above showcases a young, attractive woman with the caption, “You know you’re not the first,” comparing a used car to the woman. After receiving criticism and backlash, the ad was pulled and never ran (Green). Immediately, the blatant objectification perpetrated by BMW Hellas (Greece) is identifiable, but…

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