Aviram Nessim



Class of 2025

Avi is a freshman majoring in Biology with a Judaic Studies minor. Prior to attending SBU, he completed an Academic Gap Year at Tel Aviv University in Israel. Currently on the pre-medical track, Avi is primarily interested in the trauma field after he knocked out a tooth on a family trip when he was 12 years-old. His concerns include addressing the major challenges contemporary medicine faces as well as climate change and social discrimination. When not studying, Avi enjoys diving into a good TED talk, practicing his Hebrew, and exploring new music in house and jazz.


Nanotherapy: Small Particles for a Big Issue

by Aviram Nessim, April 8, 2022 The incidence and mortality rates of cancer remain at an unreasonably high rate despite the existence of cancer therapies. In 2018, nearly 10 million lives were lost as a consequence of some form of cancer (NIH, 2020). That same year, almost 20 million novel cases of the pernicious disease…

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