Anood Cheema


Communications Liasion, Peer Reviewer, Writer

Class of 2025

Anood is a sophomore International Relations major. She is hoping to work in foreign service and become an ambassador, as she is interested in International law and foreign policy. Anood is a passionate human rights advocate and devotes her time in raising awareness on vital topics and discussions whether in the form of protesting, engaging in meaningful dialogue, as well as running her own blog. Aside from Brooklogue, Anood is part of many other clubs and organizations on campus. She is a member of MUN (Model United Nations), Speech and Debates Society, SBUNICF, and the Environmental Club. She is currently working at Visa and Immigration Services at Stony Brook, and is an intern at a non-profit organization called COPO (Council of People’s Organization). In her free time, she loves to read, write, travel, and explore new things.


The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Unemployment Rate: Implications for the Gender Gap

by Farah Hasan, September 27, 2022 Abstract The recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unprecedented disruptions to global economies resulting in income loss and high unemployment rates that have disproportionately affected women. Existing research on COVID-19 and the economic effects of a pandemic on gender-based employment are limited, though rapidly growing, and a literature review…

The Impact of Audre Lorde

by Zarya Shaikh, May 8, 2022 My central guiding question is “how can the impact of Audre Lorde as a catalyst for women’s liberation be itemized?” This question can be answered by examining Poet Audre Lorde’s work in the Women’s Liberation Movement during the late 1960s going into 1980. Audre Lorde (1934-1992) championed equality through…