Aliaksandra “Sasha” Kiniova



Class of 2024

Sasha is a sophomore in the WISE honors program majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in Biology. She is also minoring in Philosophy with a Logic, Science, and Technology concentration. Sasha is currently a Resident Assistant, the Peer Education Coordinator with the Center for Prevention and Outreach, and a member of Philosophy Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Orthodox Christian Fellowship. Sasha is also fluent in Russian and French and enjoys making art in her free time.


Maybe June: A Short Story and Analysis

by Sasha Kiniova, October 27, 2021 Pre-Word from the author When I was writing this piece, I was sitting in my backyard looking at the cherry blossoms and due to the pandemic, I was missing my love for the classical arts. However after thinking about all the years that I trained in ballet, primarily in my middle school and…

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