Aliaksandra “Sasha” Kiniova



Class of 2024

Sasha is a junior in the WISE honors program majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in Biology. She is also minoring in Philosophy with a Logic, Science, and Technology concentration. Sasha is currently a Resident Assistant, the Peer Education Coordinator with the Center for Prevention and Outreach, a USG Senator and the events coordinator of Philosophy Club. She is also part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and is also fluent in Russian and French. Sasha enjoys making and admiring art in her free time.  


Maybe June: A Short Story and Analysis

by Sasha Kiniova, October 27, 2021 Pre-Word from the author When I was writing this piece, I was sitting in my backyard looking at the cherry blossoms and due to the pandemic, I was missing my love for the classical arts. However after thinking about all the years that I trained in ballet, primarily in my middle school and…

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