Meet Our Founder


Sophia Garbarino

President, Editor-in-Chief, and Writer, 2020-2022

Class of 2022

After recognizing a gap in undergraduate resources for humanities and social sciences students, Sophia decided to change that. In July 2020, she secured a $300 grant from Stony Brook University’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URECA) department to fund BrooklogueBrooklogue now provides a platform for undergraduate students to voice their opinions and share their works within the humanities and social sciences field, read by audiences around the world.

Sophia graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) and Sociology in May 2022. She also completed a WGSS specialization in Gender, Sexuality, and Public Health and a minor in Health, Medicine, and Society. Her primary interests lie at the intersection of education, sociocultural studies, and reproductive health.

At Stony Brook, Sophia served as the Undergraduate Student Government‘s (USG) Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Affairs; a peer educator with the CPO Green Team; a University Scholars Fellow; a research assistant at The Laboratory for Clinical Affective Neuroscience; and a teaching assistant for the Sociology department. She received the Sociology department’s 2022 Jesse Tepper Award and the WGSS 2022 Activism and Advocacy Award for her work with Brooklogue, CPO, and USG.

Currently, Sophia attends the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, pursuing a Master of Public Health in Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences and a Certificate in Maternal and Child Health (Class of 2024). In her free time, Sophia enjoys playing ukulele, cooking, and doing crossword puzzles.


The Labor of Delivering Gender: A Case Study in Integrating Gender and Sexuality Studies into Medical Education at Stony Brook University

by Sophia Garbarino, March 3, 2022 Abstract This essay examines maternal healthcare practitioners’ perspectives about and experiences with incorporating sex- and gender-based medicine (SGBM) into healthcare training at Stony Brook University, a leading medical institute in the United States. SGBM refers to the style of clinical practice that accounts for the ways in which biological…

The Bees, the Queens, and the Wealth of Wall Street: A Sociological Analysis of WallStreetBets’ GameStop Phenomenon in January 2021

by Sophia Garbarino, August 30, 2021 Introduction They swarmed, racing towards the deepest abyss of the hive. At the heart lay the queen, helplessly defenseless and stuck in the combs of her own making. Her workers, revolting against the monarchy with newfound passion and invigorating spirit, pushed past her and into the forbidden fortress of…


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