Sara Giarnieri


Writer and Peer Reviewer

Class of 2024

Sara is a sophomore English major hoping to double major in Creative Writing. In the future, she plans to pursue a teaching career. She is part of the University Scholars Program. A big dream of hers is to publish a poetry collection about the human condition. Her interests include drawing, listening to music, writing poetry, and talking to friends. She also loves to collect CDs and vinyls. 


The Silent Cruelty of Calorie Counting

by Sara Giarnieri, November 24, 2021 ***Content warning: This essay discusses eating disorders*** The first time I was exposed to a calorie counting app was in high school during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A gym teacher required us to download the app, My Fitness Pal, in order for us to complete assignments that…

Fa-Shun the Fashion Industry: Acknowledging Sexism in Fashion

by Sara Giarnieri, September 21, 2021 It’s no secret that the fashion industry controls a big part of our media consumption. We see it in movies, clothing websites, advertisements, and other platforms. However, fashion isn’t as beautiful as it seems in its deceiving haute couture shows and eye-catching magazines; it is a dark industry. The…

Mental Health is Also Physical

by Sara Giarnieri, March 12, 2021 When you think about mental health, what comes to mind?  Are you thinking of emotions, or maybe just general well-being? Did you know that mental health plays a significant role in your physical health as well?  Depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions are often associated with our emotional…

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