Ayesha Azeem


President, Editor, and Writer

Class of 2023

Ayesha is a senior Psychology major with minors in English Literature and International Studies on the pre-medical track. She is hoping to go to medical school and become a physician, while also pursuing public health. Other than Brooklogue, Ayesha is a University Scholar, a research assistant at the Laboratory for Clinical Affective Neuroscience, and a tutor at the Writing Center. In her free time, she loves to read, write and paint.


Ignorance is NOT Always Bliss: An Experience with Healthcare During Pregnancy

by Ayesha Azeem, December 19, 2022 Mary’s Interview One of the most significant events in a woman’s life is when she goes through her first pregnancy, an experience that changes her life forever. This experience can be further complicated by one’s culture and its respective social norms that may affect women negatively. I interviewed Mary…

From Criminals to Celebrities: How Women’s Fascination with Serial Killers Reflects Their Perception of Romance

by Ayesha Azeem, March 25, 2022 People have always been interested in learning about influential people’s lives — through both gossip and the media. Whether we’re learning about Jennifer Aniston’s new fling, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, or Harry Styles’s secret vacation, we often interest ourselves with other people’s lifestyles, namely celebrities, because we feel as if…


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