Gina Koch


Vice President, Events Coordinator, and Writer

Class of 2023

My name is Gina and I am currently a senior majoring in Biology on the pre-medical track with a minor in Philosophy. I am a research assistant at Stony Brook University’s Health Science Center, working to find a treatment for peripheral neuropathy. I look forward to working with Brooklogue to educate myself about various social issues and use this knowledge in practice as I work towards a career in medicine. I have recently started getting into cooking and I am slowly getting back into reading. My favorite genre is mystery/crime thriller but I am ready to branch out and try some new genres.


What Does it Mean to be Free: Sartre’s Take On Human Freedom in the Face of the Nazi Regime

by Gina Koch, April 15, 2022 Jean-Paul Sartre is undeniably one of the most prominent philosophers of the twentieth century and the chief founder of existentialism. The works he published influenced various ideologies spanning philosophy, politics, literature, and cultural studies. Sartre, like most philosophers, had his moments of being subject to public disappointment and outrage.…

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