Sophia Garbarino


Founder, President, Editor-in-Chief, and Writer

Class of 2022

Sophia founded Brooklogue in July 2020 with funding from a Stony Brook URECA mini-grant. She is a rising senior double majoring in Sociology and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Society. Her primary interests lie at the intersection of education, sociocultural studies, and reproductive health. She is a University Scholars Forever Fellow, Secretary for the SBU S.A.F.E. club, a research assistant at The Laboratory for Clinical Affective Neuroscience, and a member of the CPO Green Team. In the future, she hopes to attend graduate school for women’s public health. In her free time, Sophia enjoys playing ukulele, cooking, and doing crossword puzzles.


Saving for a Home Birth: How COVID-19 Will Change Fertility in the United States

by Sophia Garbarino, February 25, 2021 The novel coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed life in the United States, both temporarily and probably permanently in many ways. Not only has it impacted or directly caused the death of over 200,000 Americans, but it also rapidly changed the social norms of relationships and birth (CDC). Quarantining, social…

Mapplethorpe’s Riveting “Rosie”: Exposing America’s Naked Truths and Prejudices

by Sophia Garbarino, February 9, 2021 The following article is a revised version of the original piece and does not include all photos. The full original article with all accompanying photographs can be viewed by downloading the PDF below (recommended, but viewer discretion advised). American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe shocked the international art community in 1988…


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