Marcela Muricy


Treasurer, Peer Reviewer, and Writer

Class of 2023

Marcela is a junior double majoring in Biology and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Currently on the pre-medical track, she is very passionate about gynecology and outreach. She is also the co-chair of University Scholars’ Outreach Committee and the co-founder of SBU Speaking STEM, a club centered around the crucial effects rhetoric has in the STEM world. Her favorite music artists are Avenged Sevenfold, Steely Dan, Young the Giant, and Queen. She also loves meeting new people, so feel free to reach out, even if it’s just to talk music!


DIY Religion: Why Spirituality Should be Considered a Spectrum

by Marcela Muricy, September 21, 2020 This is a kind of mix-and-match approach to spirituality where people who are alienated by organized religions are in many ways cobbling together their own. – Tara Isabella Burton, The Argument Morality is relative. The lens through which people view the world is fabricated depending on how they’ve been…

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