Pavithra Venkataraman


Graphics & Media Designer and Writer

Class of 2022

Pavithra is a rising senior majoring in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies with a double minor in Philosophy and Political Science. She is interested in learning how to affect systematic change through the legal system for marginalized communities. She is a part of the University Scholars program, where she is a Fellow as well as a program intern. She is also a Resident Assistant and the current President of the Stony Brook Vocalists, the co-ed a cappella group on campus. In her free time, Pavithra loves spending time with her friends, creating arts and crafts, swimming, and singing.


The Medicalization of Birth in the United States of America

by Pavithra Venkataraman, March 20, 2021 “The United States provides the world’s most expensive maternity care but has worse pregnancy outcomes than almost every other industrialized country” (Feldhusen, 2000). When analyzing the differences between how America approaches birth, and how other developed countries approach birth, there is one that stands out: medicalization. Medicalization is a…

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