Ali Ahmad


Writer and Peer Reviewer

Class of 2022

Ali is a senior Biology major with an interest in mental health and mediation. His future plans at the moment are somewhat nebulous, but he hopes to one day work in healthcare. In his free time, he likes to read mystery novels, listen to music and meet new people.


The Mental Conundrum

by Ali Ahmad, October 8, 2021 We all have faced a feeling of regret at some point in our lives. Regret is a human condition that I am sure all of us have faced at least once in our lifetime. The feelings of hopelessness and regret positively reinforce each other as we look back on…

The Insidious Rise of Automation

By Ali Ahmad, April 23, 2021 Next time you go to your favorite coffee shop or go the checkout aisle at Walmart, you won’t be met with the warm welcome of a person behind the counter. Instead, a computer will simply prompt you for payment. Automation is replacing jobs that were once held by people…

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