Abbie Cawser



Class of 2023

Abbie is a junior majoring in Politics and American Studies at the University of Sussex in the U.K. She is studying abroad at Stony Brook this year, so she’s super new to New York! She came to Stony Brook largely because of its range in politics courses, and also it’s proximity to Manhattan, which is both a city she loves but also one that is hugely important in communications. Back home, she attends a lot of events with the Politics Society, and in the past she’s also written for the school newsletter and written and directed college plays. She’s also interested in LGBTQ+ societies and really anything to do with history/politics. She hopes to go into political communication/speech writing, and she’s interested in painting, writing, and musicals.


The Judgement of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: Its Implications and An Analysis of the Future of the Supreme Court

by Abbie Cawser, April 26, 2022 One of the most recently reported-on events are the confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, as she becomes the first ever African American female nominee to the United States’s highest judicial court. Her hearings are currently being discussed everywhere from mainstream news shows to TikTok, highlighting the trend…

The American Left/The World’s Center

by Abbie Cawser, November 29, 2021 In recent years, America has seen the emergence of “radically left” politicians, who introduce ideas such as universal healthcare and green climate policies. Politicians such as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known by her initials as AOC) and Senator Bernie Sanders have been described as “socialist superstars”1 and “Stalin sympathisers,”2…

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